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DD-P30(HD high-definition)
RGBW LED15-30° zoom profile light
Light source:24pcs 5050 RGBW LEDs module, red single power 3W , green 3W, blue 3W, warm white 8W<
Lamp power:2700-10000K (190-220WW) , single red (55W) 、single green (90W) 、single bule (90W)
CCT:2700-10000K tunable (2700K±50, 3200K±100, 5600K±150)
RGBW LED15-30° zoom profile light  product description:
1. The optical, structural and software products of this product are designed by top international engineers.
2. The light source adopts imported LED light source, which has long life and high luminous efficiency.
3. The heat source of the light source is made of pure aluminum specially processed heat sink. The thermal conductivity is 2.5 times that of ordinary aluminum, and the ultra-quiet fan is used.
4. The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy material, which makes the installation operation light and convenient.

1. The requirements of this product for different places, color temperature, display index, brightness, focusing mode, control mode, lamp body color, etc., can be generated according to customer needs.
2. The input voltage of the product can be multi-stringed with each other, and the number of strings can be up to 8 per group.

Product name:RGBW LED15-30° zoom profile light
Item:DD-P30(HD high-definition)
Voltage:  AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Power:  220W
LEDs:  24pcs 5050 RGBW LEDs module, red single power 3W , green 3W, blue 3W, warm white 8W 
LEDs power:  2700-10000K (190-220WW) , single red (55W) 、single green (90W) 、single bule (90W)
LEDs life:  50000-100000 hours
Color Temp:  2700-10000K  tunable (2700K±50, 3200K±100, 5600K±150) 
CRI:  ≥93, TLCI≥91 (average value) 
Color:  RGBW and mix all kinds of colors.
Luminous flux:  2700K/2960 lm、 3200K/2980 lm、5600K/3050 lm、10000k/2920 lm、single red/320 lm、single green/670 lm、single bule/190 lm
Beam angle:  15-30°adjustable
Control signal:  DMX
DMX channel:  2 channels and 7 channels models option
Control model:  DMX or manual button
Dimming:  16BIT above smooth flicker-free dimming, dimming not delay,  frequency 20k above.
Zooming:  manual knob zoom 
Radiation fan:  custom made fan, its speed and noisy changeable intelligent. Dim 0-99 fan not move.
Color difference for power change:  ±3% 
Color difference for temperature change:  ±3%
Ambient temperature:  -25℃-40℃
IP rating:  IP20
Inner size:  91X28.5X28.5c
Packing size:  99X30.5X31.5cm
Net weight:  15.6kg    
Gross weight:  17. 6kg